Terms of use

All products made available and sold in the store through the website www.ballooncriativo.com were created and belong to Anne C. F. Fiorini and are protected by the Copyright Law - Law No. 9.610/98; therefore, they cannot be modified and sold as your own.

By purchasing any digital product, the company Balloon Criativo automatically grants you a license for personal and commercial use, subject to the specific rules defined below:

● PERSONAL USE: Allows you to use our digital products for non-profit projects, with unlimited usage and no obligation to give credit.

● COMMERCIAL USE: Allows you to use our digital products for commercial, for-profit projects, limited to 1000 units of final products per year (per acquired digital kit), and no obligation to give credit.

If you wish to produce a quantity exceeding 1000 units of final products for sale, please contact us at ballooncriativo@gmail.com, and we will provide you with the cost of an extended commercial license.

Your right to use our digital products is non-exclusive, and the licenses for personal and commercial use are non-transferable, meaning only you have permission to use the digital files.


  • Use the images on physical products.
  • Use the images on printed or stamped products.
  • Use the images to reproduce on various materials that are not necessarily printed or stamped. For example: Biscuit, EVA, felt, MDF, cookies, etc.
  • Use the images to produce digital invitations and/or menus (non-editable), agenda or album inserts, etc., intended only for the end consumer. You must create a new design incorporating other graphic resources and/or text. In other words, the illustrations must be part of a new product created by you. You cannot sell the editable template file.
  • Use the images for selling embroidery patterns. In this case, an extra license is required. See below for details on acquiring this license.
  • Use the images for selling printed or stamped fabrics. But an extra license is required. See below for details on acquiring this license.

  • Claim to be the author of these files.
  • Under no circumstances are you allowed to copy, sublicense, resell, share, donate, commercialize, or share the files authored by Anne C. F. Fiorini, sold on this website. Purchasing the file does NOT grant you the right to commercialize it, even if the images are edited or modified. These actions are considered piracy or plagiarism and are punishable by law.
  • Use the images of our illustrations alone, in a way that allows reuse, for example, in a print or cutting file.
  • In the case of digital invitations, you cannot send the individual elements; you can only send the final artwork in a non-editable format.
  • Use the images in editorials such as workbooks, books, magazines, blog posts, and others.
  • Use the images in software, mobile apps, desktop applications, or video game development.
  • Use the images in templates for websites, social media, blogs, online stores, etc.
  • Edit, alter, or combine purchased files with other elements to resell them as digital kits.
  • Use the illustrations in digital products distributed for free.
  • Allow the vectorization of our illustrations.
  • Sell printable (files containing artwork and cutting guides) in formats such as .dxf, .svg, .studio, etc., as they allow third-party reuse of our illustrations.
  • Use our illustrations in logos or as part of a commercial brand.
  • Register any commercial trademark using our cliparts.

♡ Additional terms for PRINTABLES (READY-TO-USE FILES):

  • You may use this file to cut and assemble a project for yourself.
  • You may use the files to produce physical products, up to 1000 (one thousand) units per year.
  • You may use the images on printed or stamped products.
  • You may use this file to cut and assemble a project for commercial purposes.
  • You may only sell physical products produced with our ready-to-use files.


If you intend to sell fabrics or embroidery patterns using the art contained in the kits or digital papers, you need to acquire an extra license. Please contact us at ballooncriativo@gmail.com for more information.

♡ For the use of the images in courses, video lessons, or YouTube videos, please contact us.

*All our freebies (free files) are permitted for commercial use, and all the rules of our Terms of Use apply to freebies.

Balloon Estúdio Criativo reserves the right to block the registration and access of users/customers to our services and website if we become aware of and have evidence of any violation of the above terms. We may require the licensee to stop using the digital files and any product containing our digital files, as well as to delete and/or destroy any copies thereof, and ensure that your customers and any supplier/distributor do the same.

Balloon Estúdio Criativo reserves the right to discontinue the licensing of its digital files at any time at its sole discretion.

By purchasing any digital product on the website www.ballooncriativo.com, you automatically agree to and accept our Terms of Use.

♡ If you have any questions about the use of the images, partnership proposals, etc., please contact us at ballooncriativo@gmail.com. I'll be happy to assist you!